Las PerlasFerry carry your pet (dog or cat) on the boat, without any problem. Be aware, we only allow up to 2 pets on board. So you need to confirm by  email or cellphone 48 hours earlier so we can check if we can transport your pet.
To travel with your pet,  it must be more than four months of age and be accommodated in a Kennel (container). The kenne lmust have enough space for the animal to make a full circle around itselfbe a firm materialsoft and resistan to leakage and ensure their safety during the tripThe Kennel must be labeled with name, address and telephone number of the client.

It is important to remember that the dimensions of the kennel can not exceed 86 cm(height) x122 cm(width)x135 cm(length). The Passenger is responsible for feeding their pet and collecting their waste. Additionally, your pet must travel with a diaper to avoid possible accidents.

NOTE: you can not travel with pets if you have a round trip ticket for the same day. Only, if you have a round trip ticket for diferent days.