Our company has the pleasure of serving you since 2013, transporting thousands of tourists and residents of Panama by sea, with pleasant service to unforgettable tourist destinations, where you will find paradisiacal beaches, hotels, beach clubs, and activities such as diving, paddle boarding, kayaking , snorkeling, golf cart rental, among others. Our ferries depart from the PH TOC (former Trump tower), an iconic building in Central America, located in the most exclusive, privileged and central area of ​​Panama City, in Punta Pacifica. Upon returning from the islands, you can enjoy the commercial area of ​​the tower, where the restaurant LA VESPA is located, considered the best in Panama by Tripadvisor, the LOST sand bar, hairdressing services in SALVADOR, good cigars in PURE ART, casino, the highest bar in central america on the 66th floor and other amenities, all in the same place. We have everything to enjoy memorable experiences. We will wait for you!


Contadora is par excellence. The most sought and visited island due to the diversity of activities it have to offer
Crystal clear waters and its pre-Columbian history, make this island an unforgettable destination.


Saboga Island is our ecological destination and has a church dating from the 18th century, built by the Spaniards and can be considered one of the oldest in America.Important: in this case, if you travel back and forth on the same day and do not acquire a daypass, when you arrive on the island, you must pay, directly, to Paula Nani Beach Club, the amount of fifteen dollars ($ 15) additional, which covers the Transportation dock / Beach Club / dock and entrance to the establishment where you can use the showers, chairs and towels.


A paradise with a unique beauty, is making its presence as a resting destination and beach resorts. Located in the heart of the Gulf of Panama surrounded by beaches with white sands and crystal clear waters is Viveros Island belonging to the pearl archipelago


Our luxury destiny. Exclusive transportation with our company.


Our boat is ideal for transporting passengers for any event, such as: birthdays, weddings, school activities, corporate parties, bachelor parties, christmas parties, etc.


Our destinations have a wide variety of recreational activities for the whole family.

Each island gives you an unforgettable experience with different activities for all your family members

Different gastronomy can be found in the different restaurants on each island

Lodging with incredible views, ecological accommodations, camping options and luxury options with all the amenities you can imagine.

Each island has a story to tell. From conquerors to buildings with more than 500 years old


The bathrooms at the transportation are very clean, better than I expected, I had a wonderful day at Contadora, and the workers of the boat helped us to get our luggage all the way up to the hotel where we stayed all day with the pool


The ferry was on time and it's very clean. They have good music and the trip is really enjoyable. The staff is cordial and attentive.They're also pet friendly which is awesome!!!


Puerto Rico
Always on time, great service and customer service! Would repeat again! The marina at Trump Tower is very clean!


Málaga, Spain

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