Contadora Island is at north of the Pearl Islands archipelago and its name has a historical meaning that gave origin with the pearl hunters and that was the place they used to count the pearl before sending them to Spain. (Isla Contadora means “Counting Island”)


It is also well known for its pre-Columbian ruins, there are still memories of previous civilizations and archaeological sites scattered throughout the island.
The islands have recently gained the attention of foreign and domestic investors, thanks to its beauty and proximity to Panama City, it is ideal for resting or having a weekend home. The islands have been visited by many celebrities.


On the island you count with beach services, hotels, restaurants, swimming pool, beach barbecue, fishing, diving (with or without oxygen tank), kayaks, banana boat, boat tours to other islands. In addition, bicycle hire, golf cars, boats, sailboats, and a lot of services for tourism, leisure and entertainment