We are an innovative company in the Panamanian maritime passenger transport market. That is because we do our best to make you feel special. The characteristics and differentials of our services are the result of the work of a highly trained team that thinks about your needs and pleasure all the time.

Start with our starting point in Panama, located on the PH TOC pier (formerly Trump Hotel Panama) - Punta Pacifica, without a doubt it is the most central port in the icon tower of Panama. The tower has luxury facilities and offers a variety of options for your enjoyment and leisure. It also provides a comfortable boarding area that offers an impressive sunrise.

Continue with our Ferries, which offer more comfort, speed and safety in navigation; divided into two distinct areas, it has the capacity to transport 104 passengers by ferry, being a regular area of ​​56 seats and an executive area of ​​24 more comfortable and spacious seats. The passenger in the executive area has access to and exclusive use of the 24 seats on the second floor.

Additionally, our services, avoid "at the time of shipment" that unnecessary rush ", because we offer in the internal space, numbered seats and advance booking, air conditioning, sound, TV, bar, 2 bathrooms. On the outside of the boat (2nd floor), you can have an area with 24 seats, capacity for 50 people and bar service.

Innovation, yes. Now you can schedule your trip, choose the destination, reserve your seat, check-in, make payment by credit or debit card, as well as take advantage of promotions by type of seat. All this, avoiding queues, commuting, traffic, among others and above all, without leaving your comfort. You just have to access our website.

After the innovations, Ferry Las Perlas established a joint venture with the company Roka Management. Roka has more than 20 years of experience in transport and maintenance of boats. It offers its services to more than 50 companies, among which, always focused on a safe, fast and quality service. His trajectory and seriousness has allowed not only to maintain among his clients recognized agencies, maritime suppliers, naval repairs, adjusters and marine inspectors, oil terminals, but also to be a subcontractor of companies in charge of dredging in the expansion of the Panama Canal.

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Welcome aboard the company that has great pleasure and pride in serving you.