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Contadora Island:

History of Contadora:

Contadora Island is at north of the Pearl Islands archipelago and its name has a historical meaning that gave origin with the pearl hunters and that was the place they used to count the pearl before sending them to Spain. (Isla Contadora means “Counting Island”)
Its touristic development started at late 60’s when a nature lover and a visionary, Gabriel Lewis Galindo bought the Island.
At the early 70’s it was already operating its first hotel. For its beauty, tranquility and service, the Island quickly acquired touristic renown.
The second stage of its development was fulfilled in the 15th of December, 1975, when the luxurious Hotel Contadora was built in French colonial architecture, sober and in harmony with the environment.
At the same time the popularity of the tourism in Contadora was growing, a community of local people of different parts of the world were building their summer houses there, far from the chaos of the city, where these new tourist residents could enjoy of the peace and privacy in contact with the nature.
Thru many years Contadora has hosted many historic facts, such as the foundation of the Contadora Group, the negotiations of of the torrijos-cataren agreement 1977, the ministers meeting of Contadora group, and the signing of the “Peace agreement of Contadora” that sealed peace between Centroamerica and the asylum of the Sha of Persia in 1981.
Contadora is also known for its pre-Colombian ruins. There are still traces and archeologist sites around the Island.

On the island you count with beach services, hotels, restaurants, swimming pool, beach barbecue, fishing, diving (with or without oxygen tank), kayaks, banana boat, boat tours to other islands. In addition, bicycle hire, golf cars, boats, sailboats, and a lot of services for tourism, leisure and entertainment.